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By oksana2, Jun 12 2016 01:41PM

So if you are looking for a way to crack Logic Pro 9 stop right now because you will not find a good version only low-quality software’s with a lot of viruses and this does not worth your time man. Just think a bit if you download a cracked version you will have only problems with it, and you will get your PC infected with a lot of spy logger and many others viruses. I searched a bit on google for a way to crack or download Logic Pro, and I didn’t found anything only scam websites , I don’t think that Logic Pro can be broken the best thing you should do it’s to save your money and buy a legit version, and you will have no problem , you will also get a ton of free stuff like training and unlimited free updates .

I had a coupon for this tool, but right now it’s not working anymore, I will search for a new one, and I will post it here, many people believe that Apple Software’s are the same like Windows OS ones but they are wrong because MAC OS tools can’t be cracked so easily and if somebody crack them they can spread that version . So stop looking for something that doesn't exist and starts something smart to make some money to buy Logic Pro from App Store.And i don't get it man why are you searching for a PC version of Logic Pro because i didn't heard that it's released .

How to buy Logic Pro X

It’s very simple to buy it, what you will need? The first thing that you should have it’s the money, the 2nd thing you will need to make an account on Apple Store and remember the email and the password because whenever you want to update, will require the email and password and if you don’t have them you will face some significant problems. The 3rd step it’s to buy it from the store and after you only need to install it and you are done.

I think it’s very simple, and everybody can do it, please listen to my and don’t try to search cracks for any of Apple Softwares because you will not find anything good only scam and viruses like I said before.So everytime you download something you shoud scan it with a online virus scanner because you don't know what it's inside that software .

By oksana2, May 23 2016 10:38PM

I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. A couple friends rented a house out there so I'll be staying with them for two weeks. The place sounds really cool, with a swimming pool, a bar, a pool table, etc. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. My two roommates are also wine drinkers and poker players enjoy the nicer restaurants that Vegas has to offer, so I don't think there will be a lack of entertainment.

I have one question for my readers. I'd like to have a monitor out there, what should I do? I may just mail the spare one I have out, then mail it back some time later. It's a 20" LCD that I don't really use. Is there any reliable way to check that on a plane? I guess I could just buy a cheap 17" LCD out there. I don't want to go through the hassle of carrying on a 21" monitor, if I even can. Has anyone ever had to do this before?The list of WSOP winners can be founded online you shoud check it :)

I'm probably going to play a lot of tournaments while out there. I may or may not play any of the WSOP events actually. If the structure is poor (and Phil Gordon said the blinds are going to start out at 25/50, which is atrocious for a starting stack of 1500) I may skip them entirely. Other than the main event and maybe the $3k limit hold'em I really don't care if I play any. And honestly I'm not even sure how much I care about either of those. I guess I really shouldn't sit out the main event, as it's the highest EV tournament of the year even before you factor in the endorsement potential, but if I miss it this year I don't think I'll be too upset.

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